Testimonials from Cyclists

Testimonials from Cyclists

“Very nice video, beautiful scenery and fun to watch while training.” [R.L.]

 “amazing video makes turbo sessions a joy” [G.P.]

 “Love this video! I am using it almost everyday (…)” [A.S.]

“I think the way you have tought out the elevation bar is perfect. Not too much levels. Easy to use. The user decides on his own the corresponding level or the type of challenge. It is simple and provides perfect close to real feelings!!! Nothing to say more than Bravo!” [L.B. from France]

 “great vid. helping me train over winter. (…) by far the best.” [p.]

 “Excellent view. (..) Just bought a spin bike and this is exactly what I was looking for. Great job.” [D.B.]

 “This is an excellent work. Impressive image quality with outstanding stability” [S.R.]

 “Great!” [M.K.]

 “I found your video a great help to pass the time on my bike rollers on the days when it’s impossible to get out.” [t.]

 “Thanks a million for the video .. exhilarating and beautiful to ride in your ‘hood!” [K.F.]

 “Toll gemacht. Schönes Wetter und Klasse Farben. Und eine sehr gute Videoqualität.” [O.D.O.]
It translates to: “Very well done. Beautiful weather and awesome colors. And a very good quality of the video.”

 “I just got an indoor bike and was riding it first time (…) in snowy New York with this beautiful German countryside video – Great experience!” [v.]

 “I love the video, really gives me the feeling of riding in Germany” [s.]

 “This is exactly what i have been looking for.thank you so much for your great work.” [w.m.]

 “I love cycling outdoor, but nowadays when the weather is bad your video can help me with overcoming these times and improves my indoor cycling better. So, thank you.” [f.]

I am really impressed with what you have produced – they are so smooth to view and they are really artistic. I love riding out on the road and really like the feeling of being outside. But I find that if I ride on my trainer using one of your videos at the end of it I am refreshed and my brain feels like it has been outside and felt the motion and scenery. It is really a virtual experience and the work out is hard too!
I have viewed other videos on the web and by far yours are the best for my interest. The perspective is very natural and the views are great. I can tell you have taken great care to put these together and integrate the music because there is an emotional flow to the music and visuals. I really like being on my bike and being on a trainer is of course a compromise, but with these videos I look forward to a “ride”. I put them on a large screen TV with my bike positioned in front. Because of all the scenery and movement, the time goes by very quickly and I like how peaceful and deserted the roads are. [P.L.]

And here is one testimonial that I have received via email from E. in Switzerland:

“Ich habe Deine Rundstrecke vor ein paar Tagen entdeckt und bin völlig begeistert davon. Da ich es vorziehe, draussen in der Natur zu biken, konnte ich mich bis anhin einfach nie aufraffen, zu Hause auf meinen Ergometer zu sitzen. Spätestens nach 10 Min. verleidet mir das jeweils! Nun schaue ich mir mit dem Handy immer Dein Streckenvideo an und so schaffe ich es plötzlich problemlos, 45 Min. durchzuhalten! Einfach genial. Ich kann mich voll in die Strecke rein versetzen und fühle mich fast wie draussen in der Natur!”

It translates to:

“I discovered your Round Trip a few days ago and am totally thrilled about it. As I prefer to cycle outside in the nature, I never really got myself to sit on my ergometer bike at home. I usually had enough of it after 10 minutes at the latest! Nowadays I watch your Round Trip on my cell phone [while training] and suddenly it’s no problem for me any more to keep up the training for 45 minutes straight! Simply brilliant. I can totally project my mind into the trip and feel almost as if I was in the open countryside!”

What’s your testimonial? Please comment!

6 Comments on “Testimonials from Cyclists

  1. Thank you for such lovely videos. The video quality is excellent, and the scenery is beautiful. They really help make indoor cycling much nicer.

    • Yes they do! I will offer a broad variety of video length, time of the day and season of they year within the next 12 months so indoor cycling will become very rich in variety. Thanks for your friendly comment! :-)

  2. I love your videos. Superb quality. They make me feel as if I was really there. Before I know it my ride is over and Iam left wanting more.
    Did you make these videos with a GoPro? Thanks for your great work. I want to see them all.

  3. Cornelia, For the first time ever (in over 40 years of riding a bicycle) I have thoroughly enjoyed riding on my cycling trainer. Your videos are top-knotch: great quality, fantastic scenery. And, I really appreciate that they are smooth, and that I can listen to my own music! Thank you so much. I look forward to watching more in the future! Good luck, and congratulations on a fantastic project!

  4. Salut
    Comment retélécharger une vidéo achetée et payée s’il vous plait ?

  5. Salut Tati, – le system t’a envoyé un e-mail avec tous les liens téléchargement. Tu peux utiliser ces liens pour 7 jours. Si tu as besoin de plus temps, envois-moi un e-mail et je vais renouveler tes liens.