Cycling outside is just wonderful. Not only do we stay fit, but we also get to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery.

Unfortunately that’s not always possible:

Rain - Night- Location- Snow

The solution to stay fit under these circumstances is of course: Indoor Cycling!

You can train on a turbo trainer, a spin bike or any other indoor bike. The downside: It’s soooo boring to stare at a wall while training indoors. Well, you could watch a movie. I tried that. I bet you did, too. For me it didn’t work. My mind is just not ready to follow a movie’s narrative while I’m exercising and sweating and huffing and puffing. When following a story, we’re mostly brain. When exercising, we’re mostly body.


Instead …


Indoor Cycling Videos
You can now download the most beautiful Indoor Cycling Videos!
They’re all about scenery, beauty, nature. Give your body a challenge and refresh your mind. Forget the garage, gym or wherever you train when it’s raining. Instead, cycle around in rural Germany on picturesque streets, through woods, fields and quaint villages.

All you have to do is download a video of your choice and, while cycling, watch it on your Computer, iPad, TV or any other device. You’re going to enjoy your indoor training thoroughly!

Check out the videos available and do your next training here in rural Germany!



My Indoor Bike and my Outdoor Cat ;-)

My Indoor Bike and Outdoor Cat ;-)