#001 – Indoor Cycling Videos
45-minute  training
“Sunny Fall Day Round Trip”

A wonderful video but the full version has no music/sound. For a new recording of the same cycling trip with music and natural sound please click here!

This indoor cycling training video is 45 minutes long. Cycle through beautiful rural Southern Germany. Have your favorite beats turned on and chase through fields, forests and villages. Or have a smoother trip to improve your basic endurance. It’s up to you! Just download the video and enjoy this training trip many, many times!

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The trip will take you from Ried (a small village in South Germany) on a round trip through Bachern, Asbach, Holzburg, Eismannsberg, Baindlkirch, Tegernbach and Sirchenried back to Ried. It’s a warm and sunny day in the fall, a few drifting clouds will paint an impressive sky. No music/sound included, please use your favorite workout music.

Attention! An older version of this indoor cycling video is available for FREE on YouTube! The YouTube indoor cycling video has the exact same footage, but no maps included, and on YouTube the graphics are a little more old style. However, it is the exact same trip. Click here to watch the full version for absolutely free on YouTube!

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Indoor cycling testimonials for this video:

“amazing video makes turbo sessions a joy. do you have anymore please?” (G.P.)

“Thank you so much! I just got an indoor bike and was riding it first time on New Years day in snowy New York with this beautiful German countryside video – Great experience! Hope you ll make more! Danke!” (V. from New York)

“I love the video, really gives me the feeling of riding in Germany.” (S.)

Thank you! Excellent view. (…) Just bought a spin bike and this is exactly what I was looking for. (D.B.)

“great vid. helping me train over winter. (…) make more vids please. by far the best.” (P.)

Love this video! I am using it almost everyday to prepare for our bike trip across Germany (…) Great work! (A.S.)

And here is one that I have received via email from E. in Switzerland:

“Ich habe Deine Rundstrecke vor ein paar Tagen entdeckt und bin völlig begeistert davon. Da ich es vorziehe, draussen in der Natur zu biken, konnte ich mich bis anhin einfach nie aufraffen, zu Hause auf meinen Ergometer zu sitzen. Spätestens nach 10 Min. verleidet mir das jeweils! Nun schaue ich mir mit dem Handy immer Dein Streckenvideo an und so schaffe ich es plötzlich problemlos, 45 Min. durchzuhalten! Einfach genial. Ich kann mich voll in die Strecke rein versetzen und fühle mich fast wie draussen in der Natur!”

It translates to:

“I discovered your Round Trip a few days ago and am totally thrilled about it. As I prefer to cycle outside in the nature, I never really got myself to sit on my ergometer bike at home. I usually had enough of it after 10 minutes at the latest! Nowadays I watch your Round Trip on my cell phone [while training] and suddenly it’s no problem for me any more to keep up the training for 45 minutes straight! Simply brilliant. I can totally project my mind into the trip and feel almost as if I was in the open countryside!”

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2 Comments on “#001 – Indoor Cycling Videos
45-minute  training
“Sunny Fall Day Round Trip”

  1. Fantastic Cornelia! Congratulations on all your hard work. The videos look awesome. I hope that many people can enjoy cycling in rural Germany!