#004 – Indoor Cycling Videos
47-minute  cycling  workout
“Cycling to Landsberg at Sundown”

A 47-minute cycling workout – recorded at sundown in the fall. This cycling workout will take you from Merching (a small village in South Germany) to the town of Landsberg. Ideally choose this route for an ambitions evening cycling workout! Let go of everyday’s stress and finish the day with a challenging cycling tour, enjoying the golden-red sun when it’s just going down.

great music + natural sounds + maps

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buy and download this cycling workout
credit cards and PayPal accepted for this cycling workout

3 Comments on “#004 – Indoor Cycling Videos
47-minute  cycling  workout
“Cycling to Landsberg at Sundown”

  1. “Cycling to Landsberg at Sundown” (1080P version)

    You almost feel as if this has all been planned as you pass by a horse pulling a carriage down a hill that holds a singular tree at its peak that seems to be the source of that sunset stuck in your dreams. Just then two more bike riders appear out of the dazzling light no doubt briefly sharing in your disbelief.

    Welcome to Bavaria.

    This bike ride, started just as the sun is running through the chorus of its final bows, connects you through a myriad of quaint villages in the beautiful German countryside, starting in Moorenweis and ending in Landsberg. Wipe away those concerns over bike paths. You’re definitely out there buzzing amongst all the traffic on the big-boy roads most of the time, once even meeting with a very oversized farm-equipment load. But you’ll still encounter a bit of off-roading on tractor passes and single-wide pavements that scale much better to peddles and real horses.

    The ride concludes in a rather bustling city with its many roundabouts almost feeling as if they’re serving up safe passage over and into this magnificent city of old. At the very end into a short tunnel you go before appearing surrounded in tall, linked buildings that have probably been standing far longer than anything in my town or possibly even country (Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA) wrapping you like ramparts inside their castle-like flare just as you barely beat the sundown.

    You’ll see. You’ll feel actual pride upon your self-propelled arrival. It’s breathtaking.

    The entire trek feels like about 15-17 miles in length (maps confirm this guess) done in 47 minutes for a challenging 20+ miles per hour average (assuming you’re working hard for that speed). But beginners would seem just as served. I don’t think you need to be anywhere near offseason training for the Tour de France to fully grab hold of these scenic escapes from your burning thighs.

    Plentiful signals are found throughout to aid your maneuvers and for indicating road gradation. And there are village and city intros that give way to maps for adding context about your way. The whole thing is very professionally done. This is not some shaky video from a helmet cam on some ego trip.

    I’ve searched far and wide but thus far have not encountered indoor exercising anywhere near as smartly detailed or uplifting (there are also other great videos here). Given current technology, I don’t see how you could do much better, short of making the real trip yourself.

    Kindly lets you choose your own soundtrack. Turn it up and get ready to start making hand signals and waving at strangers in the dark. Some even wave back. :)

  2. Wow Brendan, what a stunning review, I’m in awe of your beautiful language. I cannot thank you enough for this amazing text.
    Even in German, my native language, I wouldn’t be able to express myself as eloquent as you do! You must be a writer for sure. Knowing you enjoy the videos really makes me happy. Thanks a million!

  3. You’re very kind!

    I hope this all pays off financially (and spiritually, but that appears already to have happened). I like to see great things succeeding and refuse to keep quiet about it.

    And quite selfishly, I want more rides in the future! :)